About us

At Electric Bike Superstore we only stock quality e-bikes and electric bike conversion kits that have been thoroughly tested to meet Australian standards and road conditions. As well as e-bikes and conversation kits we service, repair and hire e-bikes.

When you buy an electric bike from Electric Bikes Superstore, rest assured you are in good hands. All our staff are passionate and knowledgeable about electric bikes. From the day you become a proud owner of an electric bike from Electric Bikes Superstore, you can be confident that we are here to look after you and your e-bike and can be contacted should you have any questions about your e-bike.

There are so many e-bike motor configurations out there to suit different riders. We recommend you try before you buy. However, we know this is not always possible. The Electric Bikes Superstore Adelaide online guarantee gives you the peace of mind that when you purchase an e-bike online we will run you through the basic operation of your new bike and then encourage you to take it for a ride. If after that ride you are not happy with the bike or if it is not what you expected you can choose to either get a full refund or choose an alternative that better suits your needs.*

If you are in Victoria please make sure you head over to our Melbourne store. www.electricbikesuperstore.com.au

*Please note that deliveries are only for Adelaide Metro, and Murray Bridge Customers. If you are purchasing from outside this area please contact beforehand to confirm we can deliver to your location.