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Keeping your ebike serviced and maintained is good for several reasons. It helps keep your bike safe, performing at its optimum, lasting longer and increases the fun of riding it. We are specialists in a wide range of systems including, Bosch, Shimano, Mahle, Bafang and many others. We have a fully functioning workshop at both Brighton and Kensington Park.

Bike Diagnostic
Have a problem with your bike and are not sure what the issue is? We can do a bike diagnostic for $79

The Semi Service
from $139*
This service is ideal for in between your annual services. It'll take care of brake and gear adjustment, spoke tension, wiping down the frame, and checking bolts.

  • Gear tune
  • Brake tuned
  • Check spoke tension
  • Check bolt tension
  • Lubricate chain
  • Wipe down frame
  • Safety Inspection of bike

The Annual Service from $189*
Our most popular service, the Annual service is designed to keep your bike running smoothly. It includes brake and gear adjustment and wheel truing, wiping down greasing the main components and checking the functions of your ebike.

  • All Items in Semi Service
  • Includes labor for installation of new chain, cassette, pads, and cables (purchased from us)
  • Check chain wear
  • Check the function of the bike. i.e lights, assist levels
  • Wheel trueing
  • Check Bearings
  • Lubrication of drivetrain

The Rebuild Service from $499
Does your bike need more love than the annual service can give? In this service, we will disassemble your bike to the frame, then clean, grease, adjust and reinstall all the components.

  • All items in the Annual Service
  • Removal of all components for cleaning and degreasing
  • Lubrication of all moving parts
  • Reinstallation of all components
  • New Brake and Gear inners
  • Thorough cleaning and detail of the frame
  • Bottom bracket, Headset and Wheel hub service
  • Software firmware update and battery health check where applicable

The Ultimate Rebuild Service from $999
This is the perfect service for a bike that needs some love - this service includes everything in the Rebuild service plus includes all new consumables.

  • New Tyres
  • New Tubes
  • New Chain
  • New Cassette
  • New Chainrings
  • New Cables Housing
  • New Grips
  • New Brake Pads

$50 extra for Trikes

Other Services
Ebike Software Update: From $49
Battery Test: From $79
Technician Support: $130 an hour