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Our Brands

We have some amazing brands across the range - Bianchi, Earth, Electra, ET-Cycle, FONZ, Independant Ebikes, Kalkhoff, NCM, Orbea, Ordica, Rilu, Smartmotion,  TREK, Van Raam and XDS

 Bianchi ebikes

Bianchi is the world's oldest bicycle manufacturing company in existence, having pioneered the use of equal-sized wheels with pneumatic rubber tires. The company was founded in Italy in 1885. Fast forward they have been pushing the design of ebikes with their own styling and quality finishes. Majority of their ebike range is still manufactured in Italy. They cater for hard tail, dual suspension, upright comfortable, step through, trekking, gravel and road bikes.

EARTH electric bikes is an Australian company. They were created to provide a green and reliable alternative to other means of transportation. Every ebike is designed to be practical, functional, and provide the most cost-effective solution for daily or recreational cycling. For us Earth is where our company started back in 2014. It was the first supplier that we started with back when we were operating out of a garage. Earth offers a compelling value for money ebike which is why it is still one of our top selling bikes. They offer a range of recreational, hardtail mountain, step through, commuting and folding style ebikes.

Electra ebike comfortable bikes

If you want something relaxed and comfortable you need to look at an Electra! Being part of the Trek family since 2014 it has become the brand for comfort. Featuring flat foot technology which means you don't have to have the seat as high, wide saddles and lighter bikes they make a popular range of bikes.

Being the new kid of the block and a branch out of NCM it hits above its weight. It specializes in fat wheel ebikes. ET Cycle allows you to stand out of the crowd!

Fonz is a Sydney based motor bike company that manufactures here in Australia and overseas. Pushing the boundaries of electric transportation Fonz is a head of the game when it comes to electric motor bikes. The have a range of road registered scooters and urban NKD bikes.

Independant is a smaller Australian business that makes an affordable range of ebikes. They make a range of private property, mountain bikes, commuting, step through or folding ebikes.

Kalkhoff ebikes are made for daily use – Kalkhoff develops reliable electric bikes as a carefree option for going about your everyday business and for leisure use too. Feeling the wind in your face, but without having to struggle against it. Simply drifting along with the traffic. Effortless, stress-free and sustainable.

 NCM have managed to make ebikes more accessible to more people by specialising in affordable entry level price points. Since its foundation in 2014, NCM's e-bikes have been stirring up the market. With a wide range of different models in the E-Trekking, E-MTB, E-Cruiser and E-Folding categories, 

Orbea is a Spanish bike manufacturer that has been producing high quality bikes for over 85 years. Its machines have competed in the world's toughest races, and have seen many famous riders to victory. The current range of bikes includes road bikes, mountain bikes, triathlon bikes, all use bikes, and urban bikes. They also have the ability to custom the ebikes with set paint jobs which are then air freighted directly from Spain. 

Ordica ebike comfort brand logo

ORDICA want to reinvent the way people commute by delivering high quality, reliable, low-carbon transport solutions that not only look great, costs effective, but one that also last and is great fun to ride. They pride themselves in attention to detail, knowing that every part of the bike must perform at its peak to deliver the exceptional riding experience for our valued customers.

Rilu ebike brand logo

RILU has been trading since 2015, RILU is now one of Australia's fastest growing importers and wholesalers of its own RILU e-Bike brand of electric bicycles. As a leading brand of electric bikes, including folding and fat-tired e-bikes, RILU e-Bikes are synonymous with great design, high quality, safety, superior reliability, comfortable rides, great value for money, and long-term warranties. They're service is exceptional! one of our favourite things about  

smartmotion ebike brand logo

We have been selling Smartmotion ebikes since 2017. They are rugged and reliable with long-range batteries to make pedalling easy. Ideal for the Australian environment, Smartmotion electric bikes are New Zealand designed and are the number one selling electric bike brand in New Zealand. They are recommended by CHOICE MAGAZINE and RIDE ON MAGAZINE, plus they have received global recognition with a Best Value Award in the UK.


Stealth high performance fast ebike company and Australian made

Stealth have 30 years of engineering, design and off-road experience. From a machine like nothing ever seen before, the appropriately named Stealth Electric Bikes company was born. Power, reliability and versatility were key features of the original Stealth Bomber and early adopters soon realised it was the ultimate freedom machine, silently and effortlessly taking riders to places that they’ve never been on a motorcycle, at speeds they’ll never experience on a regular bicycle. To this day they still continue to manufacture out of their Melbourne facility. 


TREK brand logo ebike range

Trek began in 1976, when a pair of determined guys set out to make the best bicycles the world had ever seen. Trek believes that the bicycle is a simple solution to the world’s complex problems, and we’ve made it our mission to aid in the betterment of our planet through cycling. They are driven by adventure, guided by their history, inspired by community, enchanted by the freedom of the open road and committed, always, to creating the world’s greatest bicycles.

van raam ebike

Van Raam produces uniquely special needs bicycles for people with a disability and specializes in tricycles, scooter bikes, wheelchair bikes, tandem bikes, double rider bikes, and low step through bikes (also known as comfort bikes). They make an ebike which is perfect for anyone! 

XDS ebike logo

Making it's mark into the Australian market in 2010, XDS has always been the key catalyst for change. They were the first to engineer a modern Retro/Vintage commuter bike for the Australian market. Teaming up with Bafang electric motors, they have raised the popularity and affordability of the Mid-Drive Electric bike. You'll find that their passion for quality and reliability will always show up in every curve and component of an XDS product.