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E-Bikes and Everything You Need to Know to Get Started

by DGreat So
E-Bikes and Everything You Need to Know to Get Started

Electric Bikes or the E-Bikes or as they call it are all rampages these days and for good. The bikes were designed with 35 and plus crowd, they are now more popular among younger generations of riders who embraced the technology. Since its emergence in the 2010s they have gained momentum around different people like roadie, recreational cyclists, city commuters and many more. The global e-bike market is booming, it is a nearly $27 billion industry today and it is predicted to be worth $39 billion by 2025. E bikes are a segment of bicycles that have been widely growing and more popular than E-Cars. The e-bikes are a reliable, affordable, cleaner way to travel.

The designs around e-bikes are improving, technology is being revolutionized, capabilities expanding. Laws have been passed to make them legal on roads and are becoming the future of transportation.


The Merits and the Popularity of E-Bikes

The merits and elements of appeal lie in the level of appealing and fitting in all the age groups and of all experiences. It allows people to travel together across various fitness and experience levels along various routes and distances.

Cycle has never been seen as a luxury, but necessity and the e-bikes worked to remove the challenges and roadblocks that people faced with the pedal-powered cycles. Cycling being a great way to keep fit, it gets tiring after certain miles. The E-bikes help resolve the problem giving the extra push and boost to try outside the comfort zones. If you feel an e-bike doesn’t provide sufficient workout to be labeled an “exercise”, it does pump your heart to a maximum of 75% to be labeled as a moderate exercise. They are available in various designs, variety and styles to fit and match the needs.

Also, the other reason to its popularity is the affordability, with the batteries getting readily available and at cheaper price helping to reduce the overall costs. The batteries are to be replaced after around 10,000 miles hence reducing the running costs as well.

Moreover, they are nature friendly and can help improve the air quality as it’s a great replacement to the petrol or diesel car.


Ebike Impacts on the Travel Business:

Riders can go farther and faster with no limitations and more fun. The e-bikes have highly reformed the travel industry. Bikes were used initially to avoid traffic and travel around the busy cities that were difficult to approach or reach by car. But with e-bikes coming into the picture it has opened a vast list of opportunities for travelers who would put off a lot of places from their bucket list. It has extended an untiring list of opportunities for travelers to play around with like steep inclines, rough terrains, long tours, and many more. The mix terrain capabilities in the e-bikes can help you take off-road shortcuts.

E-bikes can be used on the rider’s mountain slopes to enjoy the cliffs, steeps by conquering the steep elevations and enjoying the spectacular view. In addition, it can be enjoyed by the non- cyclists as well over mountains or hills who are not confident with the mountain bikes.

The e-bikes are not only limited to off road rolling and week-long trips but are also highly popular among the day trips, as they make the experiences wonderful along with giving more space to carry things for the trip. Besides, e-bikes allow people to take rides deeper into the year without letting the weather and colder months hold over their plans. Investing in a right outfit can allow them to gear, wear and ride throughout.  

Trying to cycle in the urban cities is one of the most difficult task, as cars often end up being parked on street, pedestrians walking along or across roads and cyclists being left to merge in the sidewalk. Hence, in such situations e-bikes are faster and of more ease.


What features to Look for in an E-bike?

The main elements to consider or determine which bike to invest in or use. Firstly, the capacity of the battery and the efficiency of the bike. Some bikes allow you to choose different levels of assist and help you prioritise the speed and battery life as per the terrain and power needed. It’s always better to plan the travel ahead and remember the more you assist the cycles with pedals the longer you can last.

Key Points about E-bikes

  • Most e-bikes use a combination of methods to power where you can use pedal-assist and motor assist. You can ride without the battery if it has lost its charge without any damage to the motor. The battery helps riders with the pedal assists when it is needed.
  • E-bikes are usually restricted with the top speed they can assist you with ranging from 25 km/ hr- 35 km/ hr.
  • E-bikes are not very heavy and have an average weight of 20 kg. The motor, battery, and frame being the heaviest components.
  • They are safer than regular bikes by the way they are designed. E-bikes make use of a line electric motor powered by a battery, in place of traditional pedaling, and this makes them very safe to ride on the road, and ultimately gives you even more control.

All bikes are different, and it is widely important that we are partnering you with the right bike. There have been times when customers come with a set of mind and bike decided in mind but once they sit on it and take it for a test ride, they realize it is not the right one for them.

If you are looking for an ebike in Adelaide, we at  Electric Bikes Superstore have various kinds of e-bikes to meet your needs. We offer you to take test rides to make sure it is the right fit and have helmets you can borrow or bring a helmet if you have one.