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Why would you want an electric bicycle?

by DGreat So
Why would you want an electric bicycle?

Pedal-powered bikes may not be appropriate for all people, which is why electric bikes have many advantages. Here are some reasons; 


  • Hilly terrain, such as the Adelaide Hills is part of your daily life.
  • Having limited mobility or not being as fit as you would like.
  • A faster takeoff from an intersection would be beneficial to you, especially in the Adelaide CBD.
  • Electric bikes may be the ideal solution for you (to prevent traffic jams, be able to park more easily, reduce emissions, and reduce costs) if you don't want to be restricted to only short or flat rides.
  • The last thing you want is to get all sweaty in your office - especially if it doesn't have shower facilities available.
  • Public transport is not ideal.

Are electric bikes environmentally friendly?

In contrast to other forms of powered transportation which emit harmful levels of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, electric bikes do not emit harmful levels of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere like gas cars, trucks, and motorcycles.

For electric bikes to be propelled, it is necessary to use both human energy as well as electric energy. Battery packs are used to store the electric energy, which is supplied by a rechargeable battery. As a result, when these devices are in use, they do not emit any emissions at all.

Using clean and green solar power to charge the bike battery would mean that you would have a zero-emissions footprint on every ride, meaning that you would be using 100% environmentally friendly power. Additionally, a typical passenger car emits 6 metric tons of carbon dioxide a year, versus much greater emissions from larger vehicles and diesel-powered vehicles.

How much are electric bikes?

The popularity of electric bikes is on the rise, and many people have been able to perceive their practicality of them. The best thing about them is that they can be ridden nearly anywhere, and they are also a great way to get around. As much as you might enjoy riding an e-bike, you may have noticed that they are quite expensive if you have been considering buying one. So, what exactly is it about them that makes them so expensive? Why are electric bikes so expensive? Here are the top 5 reasons why electric bikes are so expensive.

The motor

Motor cost can be one of the major reasons for the high price of an e-bike. Battery power is used to power the motor, which assists the user in cycling. In contrast to a traditional bike, which is entirely powered by the user, the motor significantly increases the cost of the bike. As a result, both the labor cost and the parts cost often increase when the motor is specially fitted and crafted. 

The battery

An electric bike's battery is one of the biggest reasons for its higher price than a traditional bicycle. The battery typically costs around $500, but it can cost as much as $1000 if it needs to be made and fitted. Generally, lithium-ion batteries are used since they are relatively efficient, which means that they can be smaller. In order for an e-bike to be easy to ride, the bike and its components should be as light as possible.

They need high-quality components

Besides the fact that electric bikes need more expensive parts than traditional bicycles because of the motors, It needs to be kept in mind that electric bikes require high-quality parts and components all around. There will likely be a lot of use for e-bikes since they travel at higher speeds than normal bicycles. It is important to make sure electric bikes have high-quality parts that won't fail and will be able to withstand increased speeds and impacts. Therefore, the cost of electric bikes will increase when these high-quality parts are used.

The market is still a niche

However, even though sales of e-bikes are growing steadily, they have still considered niche markets. Because of this issue, manufacturers are not able to produce parts and components in bulk. The result is that the cost of e-bikes goes up considerably because of the lack of bulk production. The producers and sellers of electric bikes are still having to order and produce smaller quantities than traditional bicycle manufacturers, who are reasonably certain that they will sell large quantities of bikes as a result of the trend. It is because of this that manufacturers are unable to reduce the cost of each bike by any significant amount. There are likely to be high costs associated with e-bikes for a while until they become in high demand enough for manufacturers to be able to produce them in large batches.

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