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Looking After Your Battery On Your Electric Bike

by Scott Pearce
Looking After Your Battery On Your Electric Bike

The battery on your electric bike is one of the most expensive parts of your ebike! Your battery will naturally age over time and the capacity will slowly decrease. You can however do some things to help improve the health, safety and longevity of your battery. Below are some tips on how to get the most out of your battery:

  • Do not to deplete your battery.
    Your battery doesn’t like being flat. If the battery is left flat for long periods of time you are damaging the cells and the capacity of the battery will decrease. It is better to charge your battery more often then to flatten your battery.
  • When the bike is in storage - store the battery around 60-80% charged.
    Ebike batteries don’t like being flat or left on charge at 100% for long periods of times. They like to be used. It is suggested if you are not going to use your bike for a period time that you remove the battery from the bike and store it around 60-80% charged. Ideally at minimum the battery should be charged for an hour once a month.
  • Remove battery when transporting the battery.
    When transporting your bike on a car rack it is good practice to remove the battery from the bike. This limits the chances or water getting into the battery, over heating from sitting in the sun and any possibilities of the battery falling off the bike.
  • Do not drop your battery. 
    This may damage the cells. If a battery cell gets damaged this can be dangerous. It is important to take care when transporting and moving your battery.
  • Store your battery somewhere safe.
    It is important that your battery is stored somewhere dry and cool. Ideally around 20 degrees. Your battery performance can decrease in very cold and very hot temperatures. Do not store your battery in a shed on a hot Australian Summer day.
  • Use the correct charger.
    Using the wrong charger is not only bad for the battery it is incredibly dangerous and could create a battery fire. If you need a new charger, we can help you in getting the correct charger.
  • Be careful around water.
    Do not use a submerge your ebike or battery through water. When cleaning do not use a high-pressure hose.

Disposing of an electric bike battery.
DO NOT put your old batteries in your general waste. We have a free service where we can make sure your batteries are disposed of safely. You can drop off your old batteries to either store in Adelaide.


**Please note this advice is general in nature and best to check with the manufacture of your bike for more detailed care instructions. **