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Stylish and Functional Ebike Accessories

by DGreat So
Stylish and Functional Ebike Accessories

E-bikes and motorcycles aren’t just an accessible means of transportation; they’re statements of style and functionality. Our superstore boasts an extensive collection of practical and aesthetically pleasing accessories tailored for your ride, allowing cyclists to customise their ride with fashionable enhancements.

Helmets: Your First Line of Defense 

E-bike and motorcycle helmets are designed to safeguard your skull and brain from potential injuries, significantly reducing the risk of head trauma. In South Australia, wearing a helmet isn’t just a matter of personal safety – it’s the law. However, helmets aren’t the cumbersome and awkward accessories that we used to know and fear; they’re the epitome of functional fashion.

Full-Face Helmets: Offering maximum coverage, full-face helmets provide protection for your head, face, and chin. Ideal for high-speed rides, they offer superior impact resistance.
Open-Face Helmets: Combining cushioning and comfort, open-face helmets cover the top, sides, and back of the head. They’re well-suited for city commuting and balance protection and visibility.
Modular Helmets: Providing the versatility of both full-face and open-face designs, modular helmets feature a flip-up visor. Perfect for riders who want the option of an open-face feel without compromising on protection.

Gloves - A Touch of Comfort and Protection

E-bike gloves are crafted to provide comfort and improve grip during your rides. Premium gloves with padded palms offer excellent shock absorption, reducing the impact on your hands and wrists. Ergonomically designed gloves with structured support alleviate pressure points, ensuring a comfortable and sustained ride.

Whether you're cruising in fair-weather or braving all seasons, gloves offer protection against the elements. Insulated gloves keep your hands warm during Adelaide’s bitter winter seasons, preventing numbness so you maintain control of your handlebar. During sunny days, gloves crafted from breathable materials wick away moisture, keeping your hands dry and blister-free.

In the unlikely event of a fall, your hands are often the first point of contact with the ground. Gloves with reinforced padding significantly reduce the risk of abrasions and injuries.
Additionally, gloves with reflective elements enhance visibility, making you more noticeable to other road users, especially during low-light conditions. With various styles available, from sleek and minimalist to rugged and full-fingered, there’s a perfect pair for every rider.

Lights and Reflectors: Be Noticed, Be Safe

Even with the improved safety features of electric bikes and motorcycles, reflectors remain an essential tool to safeguarding your ride, especially in poor lighting conditions.

South Australian guidelines state that all electric bikes must be equipped with a front-facing white light and rear red light, visible from 200 meters away. Additionally, riders must affix a red reflector to the rear of their e-bike or motorcycle, alerting nearby vehicles of your presence and extending visibility by 50 meters.

These measures enhance your safety by creating a well-lit profile of you and your e-bike, making your presence easily recognizable to other road users during challenging visibility conditions.

Mirrors: Expanding Your Awareness

E-bike and motorcycle mirrors may seem like small accessories, but they play a significant role in enhancing rider safety and awareness on the road. Acting as eyes on the back and sides of your e-bike, mirrors provide a crucial 360-degree awareness, allowing you to monitor the traffic behind you and make informed decisions on the road. E-bikes and motorcycles are inherently smaller than most vehicles, making them more susceptible to blind spots. Mirrors effectively minimize these blind spots, reducing the risk of accidents caused by unnoticed vehicles approaching from behind.

Handlebar-mounted mirrors are the most common accessory, providing a clear view that’s easily adjustable. Handlebar-mounted mirrors are versatile and suit various e-bike and motorcycle models.
Folding mirrors are ideal for those seeking a sleeker look or need to manoeuvre through tight spaces. A popular choice for urban riders, folding mirrors can be adjusted as needed and fold neatly away when not in use.
Helmet mounted mirrors attach directly to the rider's helmet, offering a personalized field of vision that moves with you. While they may take some getting used to, helmet-mounted mirrors are favoured by riders who appreciate the flexibility of vision that they provide.

Locks: Safeguarding Your Ride

A study lock protects your prized electric bike against opportunistic thieves. The right lock provides peace of mind, allowing you to leave your e-bike parked with confidence.

U-locks: Known for their robust construction and durability, U-locks are popular among cyclists for their resistance against cutting. If you’re looking for maximum security, look for a lock with hardened steel shackles, like the Onguard Pitbull U-Lock.

Cable locks: Lightweight and versatile, cable locks are ideal for securing accessories like helmets. However, they’re not as secure as U-locks and are often used in combination with other locks for added protection.

Alarmed locks: Alarmed locks represent the pinnacle of technological innovation in bike security. For example, the ULAC Neo Disc Air Alarm is a lock that provides protection beyond mere physical buttressing. Equipped with a deterring alarm system that emits a piercing sound upon any attempted theft, this high-tech feature alerts nearby individuals to the situation. Alarmed locks are a cutting-edge solution to protect your valuable e-bikes and motorcycles, adding an extra layer of security to your locking strategy.

Portable Racks: Specifically designed for on-the-go security, popular options like the Ezigrip provide a reliable solution to affix your e-bike's frame and wheels onto a foldable rack which can be locked to your towbar. Portable racks offer a blend of flexibility and convenience, featuring a lightweight and compact design. While they may not be traditional locks, portable racks play a pivotal role in preventing unauthorized access to your e-bike during transportation. Secure fastening mechanisms contributes to the overall protection of your e-bike, ensuring your valuable electric two-wheeler is safe and secure, even when on the move.

To increase the protection of your e-bike or motorcycle, carefully select a parking area that is both populated and well-lit to deter thieves from attempting to access to your prized ride. Combining advanced locks with strategic parking choices can enhance the overall security of your e-bike or motorcycle, granting your precious piece of mind.

Carrying Cargo: E-Bike and Motorcycle Baskets

Baskets come in various materials, each offering a unique blend of style and durability. From classic wicker baskets to modern metal or plastic options, selecting the right material can complement your e-bike's aesthetics while serving its intended purpose.

Choosing a basket with the right size and capacity to accommodate your belongings is crucial. Consider whether you'll be carrying groceries, a picnic blanket, or maybe even a furry friend? Additionally, the placement of your basket is an important factor. Front-mounted baskets offer easy access to your belongings and balanced weight distribution on your e-bike. However, rear- mounted baskets provide the largest carrying capacity.

Pet lovers might select specially designed baskets with secure enclosures, like the Pet Basket Q/R Open Top, which allows you to bring your furry companion along for the ride. Pet baskets are designed with comfortable padding and safety features to ensure a pleasant experience for your beloved pet.

Whether you’re looking for an upgrade or needing a new collection of e-bike accessories, Electric Bikes Superstore can help you find the perfect addition to your ride. Seamlessly combining style, convenience, and sustainability, our curated collection represents the epitome of the urban commuter's dream. Join us in embracing the future of urban mobility as we redefine the way Adelaide moves, one electric bike at a time.